Thursday, February 6, 2014

V-Day Gifts for Her

Hi Dear Readers,

We wanted to put together another stylish Gift Guide, this time for Valentines Day. In the spirit of Love, we will be donating 100% of what we make from V-Day Gift sales to Children's Heart Foundation. Take a look at the items we think would make some great gifts for HER!

Gifts under $100 for Her
Flower Chain Bracelet $16 Necklace and Earring Set $28 Sparkle Leaf Bracelet $20
Silver and Crystal Necklace $21 Garnet, Silver Earrings $75 Garnet Heart Necklace $60

Jewelry is always a good present for her. It doesn't have to be expensive to look good (Necklace and Earring Set), and if you do want to spend some money on your woman, you can get her something that will be worn universally (Red Garnet Earrings.)
Floral Infinity Scarf $58 Reversible Tribal Scarf $48 Palais Beaded Headband $32
Classic Black Gloves $14 Cuddly UCC Earmuffs $75 UGG Cable Gloves $33

Scarves, gloves, shawls, hats and earmuffs make the perfect V-Day gifts. What better way to make someone feel loved than to give them warmth and comfort! The UGG Earmuffs, for instance,  will not only warm up her ears but also add an adorableness to her future outfits!
Salmon Wallet $65 Snake Satchel $56 Kate Spade Clutch $75

And don't forget that your special woman will most likely buy her "essentials, a black work bag or a beige tote, herself. You should get her something she might not otherwise spend on like a colorful wallet or a Kate Spade clutch. Mint and Salmon are currently in fashion :-)

If you decide to make a purchase through our links, we may receive a commission. This doesn't cost you extra, but allows us donate to the Children's Heart Foundation. Thank you!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Date Night- Your Style

Date-night outfits (whether for V-Day or some other event) are hard to coordinate with this whole cold weather thing going on in February. We've put together some outfit ideas to fit your personal style which employ useful tactics like pants, tights, and closed-toe shoes to keep you warm outdoors and jaw-droopingly-attractive indoors! (ooh, and we tried to keep the prices down :-)
Romance and Opera
Your date will probably already know that Valentines Day is your favorite holiday, what he won't know is just how much you can embody the spirit of love. Let down your hair and curl the tips of your locks, and add a little bounce to your step so that the skirt can flounce around. You are ready for a night of serenading, moonlight kisses, and other such things.

Good Girl
Classy is your middle name. With some pretty pearls, lace collar, and nude heels, you can afford to try a little something different. Yep, those polka-dot tights remind your V-Day romance that you know how to play ;-)

Practical Girl
Just because pants and long sleeves are practical for February weather, doesn't mean you won't look absolutely stunning for your date. Replace your usual watch with a decorative one and your "business face" with a smile! With these mesmerizing heels you will be a show stopper, but the low and stable heel will emphasize your independence and strong will. Unlike pumps, these shoes won't betray you on cobblestones or uneven ground. Don't forget to wear a little something sexy, like a low hanging necklace, with your conservative, collared top for the perfect "business meets pleasure" look.

If you decide to make a purchase through our links, we may receive a commission. This doesn't cost you extra, but allows us to keep the rest of the content free. Thank you!

Monday, February 3, 2014

We Need Armor

    Valentine's Day is not too far away and we can almost feel the temperature rising, "lip-lifting," and flirting increasing ("lip-lifting" is from Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Dream Project, - I highly recommend it!)
The reason why I'm so adamant about dressing up is because it's so sad to see college students neglect themselves. This it THE time for us to learn more about ourselves, to experiment, to see what other people wear, and to show our style to the world. In terms of learning from other people, the person who has been inspiring me these days is Daphne Guinness. Her sophistication and elegance are enthralling. There's something dream-like about her that captured my attention. Her phrase, "As I went into the world and realized what a dangerous place it can be, I thought, we need armor" resonated with me, especially in this cold weather. I felt like hiding and when I had to go outside, I felt like I needed protection in the form of my clothes. Black being the most empowering color, I stuck to it. If you've got the blues as well and don't feel like wearing bright colors, don't. It will only feel more natural if your clothes express your feelings. Clothes can be a source of revival - if you surround yourselves with the fabrics and colors that resonate with your mood, you will be healed.

Daphne Guinness

     On the other hand, if bright colors have an energizing effect on you, use them. Dasha adores the color of orange and it does feel as if it really is "her" color - she's as vibrant, bright, and well-spirited. A pale brunette highly dependent on weather that I am, I also need some color to bring me "back to life" in spite of climatic conditions, - oh all those games we play on our minds! Below is an outfit that saved my entire day - it's cosy, warm and bright.

Jeans: MANGO
Hat: LuLus

     Even if you're feeling under the weather, remember, there's a whole wardrobe of different clothes that you can have fun with and that can save your day!

Coming up next - Valentine's Day romantic outfits!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Interview Wardrobe: TopShelf

Do you have anything lined up for the summer? Did you find a job yet? Are you thinking about consulting? This kind of  anxiety ridden talk can now be heard in every corner of the university. If you, like Aigul and I, are still without interviews, you, like us, probably feel that your life is about to end as you will most likely drown in your own fears or embarrassment over not having "anything lined up". If those don't bother you, then your family will most likely bother you about your job hunt until you move in with them just to spite them all.

But no worries, there is one thing to look forward to. You, unlike your friends who have interviews tomorrow, have more time to anxiously choose what you will wear to your hypothetical interviews, and unlike them, you still don't know that the suit pants you bought two years ago might be too small, too big or too something else (something tragic and horrible like "too wrinkled").
The corner office
If you are one of those lucky-ducks who needs interview clothes, NOW, then TopShelf is coming to your rescue! Dega, COO of Topshelf and fellow UVA alum, put together some amazing combos for your interviews.
Bankers never die... they just lose interest.
Enough talk: if you need help with your interview outfit, visit Topshelf and check out their ideas. Better yet, sign up and let them know your price range and what you're looking for. They will send you several outfit ideas within a couple of days.
Cocktail hour

We have found Topshelf really useful for getting inspired and having professional, personal advice on how to dress. They have you covered from hats to shoes to jewelry. They also work with brands that students and young professionals often appreciate.

This is us with Dega when she visited UVA. As you can see, she's got great style!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Scarves: Twists and Ruffles

It is just too easy to feel glum and uninspired with all the snowy, icy, windy darkness of January. If you're truly the power-girl, however, you will turn that all around by bundling up and sticking yourself out into the sunlight to get that much needed vitamin D. And of course, you'll get super creative with your scarf, right? 

Lost in thoughts
If you are a romantic, adorn yourself with something warm and fluffy. The white, ruffly scarf, for instance, is both decorative and purposeful as it keeps me really warm. With all the extra layers and bundles, keep your scarf from falling apart or getting tangled by pinning it to your shirt or sweater! If your scarf isn't so ruffly, adorn it with some large jewelry to get a feminine look.

Shoulder Shrugg
Sometimes, I just don't feel inspired to wear long, chunky scarves. To make a small, light scarf warm I tie it around my shoulders. This is especially effective visually when I'm wearing something really plain like solid colored sweater or shirt.

Love Paris
Or I just fold it into a "noodle" and then tie it around into a knot around my neck. 

Tied and Twisted
Alternatively, I fold it diagonally (see below) to get a tiered look. This is best when your scarf has a differently colored edge. 

As you can see, this is very simple, but requires that your scarf be approximately square! This also makes your scarf look long, even if it's not.

I dream of Jeannie
Lastly, don't forget that scarves can keep your ears warm too!To make the headband center the scarf at the back of your head, put it over your ears, twist it at the top of your forehead and tie the ends at the back of your head. If you don't like loose ends, tuck them into the twisted headband. 

As was said before, your scarf can be your personal fashion branding tool. Weather you're a hopeless romantic, a Francophile, or just a little retro, your scarf can help you voice your mood or personality. 

Thank you Alex Tyshlek for your awesome photography and Alex Zorychta for your superb editing!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Scarves: Bows and Knots

With this whole winter weather and dark colors thing going on for the next few months, I wanted to share some colorful scarf inspiration to keep you warm and fashionable. Now I know that it is just so simple to throw the scarf on in your usual loop around the neck and blend in with the rest of the world, but I promise that tying your scarf into a bow won't hurt a bit (and wont' take much time either.)
Girly Bows
I get giddy about some girly things, specifically bows. I borrowed Aigul's purple scarf and just tied it in a bow, evening out the large loops and arranging the tails of the bow to be in front. Its super easy and makes you feel feminine! Plus, it can replace bulky jewelry and accentuate boring outfits.
Trendy End-Knots
This one is as easy as 1,2,3:  just tie a small knot at the end of the scarf, leaving an inch or two to hand on the ends. they tie your scarf in any other way you would have tied it. The knots add a little bit of something different and interesting to any scarf out there.
No Messing Around Knots
If you're not feeling too girly, try wearing shorter scarves by tying bulky knots. This scarf is a classic "boyfriend steal" since it belonged to Alex just a few weeks ago. I used the knot from Mrs. Polly Rogers to get this scarf short and quaint. Notice that vertical stripes make this knot look even more complex than it actually is!
Simply Tied
If the complex knots are intimidating or you simply don't have the time, go for simplicity and originality: use a colorful scarf, a contrasting scarf, tie a simple knot on an interesting scarf, tie two scarves or pair a scarf and a necklace. If you haven't done your laundry, or you simply didn't have the energy to experiment with your clothes, then take 2 minutes to fix yourself a scarf extravaganza and you'll look like a star! Simply put: if you were an artists canvas, the scarf would be your signature: original, characteristic, and highly distinguished.

Here is a great resource for your scarf tying pleasure: Scarves Dot Net